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We met in 2015 at our first jobs after college at a research and analytics firm. We quickly bonded through team-building activities and beer pong Tuesdays, and the rest was history.


We moved to Wendell Falls in April of 2020 with our then-5-year-old daughter, Delaney, and 3-year-old fur-child, Neville. We love the sense of community here and can't wait to meet more of our neighbors!

We enjoy playing and watching sports, hosting game nights and fantasy football parties, and cooking family dinners. We both work full-time, Matt as a passionate real estate agent who also likes to use his financial savvy to invest in the stock market, and Allison as a marketing manager and part-time dog sitter!


A few years ago we started examining our habits and thinking of ways to improve our environmental impact. We learned about the benefits of composting and became pick-up customers in our old neighborhood. We invested in reusable items to replace single-use and began shopping more from second-hand stores. We are still learning and actively looking for new sustainable swaps and ways to reduce waste.

When we moved to Wendell Falls we were disappointed to have to cancel our compost pick-up service. We decided to take matters into our own hands and bring the service here ourselves! We love working with our neighbors to make our community even greener!

Start composting today
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